So we went on a cruise...

We booked a cruise a few months ago and I became worried since on cruise ships there is such a huge variety of foods that you cannot resist and I was wondering how I would be able to stay on track.

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 But, now, looking back, I consider myself a hero!

Walking along the buffet lines there was an enormous selection of everything. Salads and meats, all kind of seafood and desserts.

So I had to make a decision. Am I going to stay on track and stay keto or am I going to stay on track.

I decided to stay on track!

Here is what I did:

Breakfast: When I had to choose the foods for breakfast I chose eggs, vegetables and coffee and I brought a few avocados with me from home, which I kept refrigerated in the room to bring with me to the dining area for breakfast.

Lunch: Lunchtime was easy. I made myself a nice big salad from lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, a few onion slivers and a small teaspoon of sunflower seeds every single day. I used olive oil and vinegar for dressing. Then, I moved on to the meat selections and each day I chose something different out of chicken, meat or fish; and it was delicious. The choices with sauce where a little tricky – I scooped the meat out of the sauce and the vegetables. However, this was only a small part of my plate – I can say that I served myself these meats only for the taste.

Dinner: I did the same as for lunch and during the nights that we dined in the dining room I chose to eat the steak or chicken with a double side of broccoli. I told the waiter not to bring me the potatoes or the bread.

I drank coffee deliberately and I had a cup of wine on the last day of the cruise (I am not a big alcohol drinker…).

I was thinking keto all the time and since I lost so much weight, I did not want to ruin it just for a few days on a cruise. I realized that it is all about the choices that I make every single moment when I reached for food. And I think that choice is a very good word for the ketogenic diet – considering the alternatives – my son said to me one of the days on the cruise – Mom, you told me that everything is about choice and you need to make yours.

When we came home, the first thing we did was to weigh ourselves. Everybody gained weight! Some more some less, but everybody gained weight. Except me. I surprisingly lost 1 lb. I was able to stay on track! I am very proud of myself.

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