First Do No Harm

Award-winning actress Meryl Streep delivers a powerful and uplifting performance in this story of one family's strength and courage in a time of extreme crisis. Plunged into emotional and financial hardship, a devoted mother (Streep), a hardworking father (Fred Ward -- CHAIN REACTION, CORKY ROMANO) and the rest of this close-knit family face a decision that will change their lives forever. As time and options begin to run out, they must find the courage to overcome incredible odds. Widely praised by critics -- you'll find this compelling story of determination and hope both entertaining and inspirational!

My Recommended Recipes

Here is a sample of my recipes. I choose to do simple recipes. I do not like to over complicate stuff or spend hours in the kitchen. After I learned what is allowed and what is forbidden in the ketogenic diet I play around in the kitchen with the food and if it is good I bring it here!