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This is a short list of movies that I have watched, which helped me learn and heal myself after I left the hospital when I had my stroke, and in fact, watching those movies helped me heal and understand how wrong I was all these years, but I did not know better.

When I was in the hospital, the neurologist came to see me. I asked him one question: why did this happen to me. To my surprise he responded - I don't know. He later came and gave me his information so that I should go to his clinic after my release from the hospital for the follow-up. I decided - NO WAY! If he, a neurologist, cannot give me an answer to why I had a stroke, I embarked in a mission to find the answer by myself. Through my research I watched movies, read books about the ketogenic diet, listened to audiobooks and heard lectures from doctors on YouTube who are willing to share from their knowledge with people like me. Below is the list of movies that I have watched and have guided me to find the answer - and I must say - I definitely found the answer to my question - Why? Because my body wasn't a fat burning machine... (A few movies can be watched in this website for free and others can be bought or rented.)

Carb Loaded - A culture dying to eat

Carb-Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat is a chronicle of the things it's writer and director Lathe Poland learned after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He sought to find out why he got sick, because he didn't fit the classic picture of an adult onset diabetes sufferer. He quickly learned that much of what he knew about healthy eating was based on myths or fifty year old science. In the film he searches out why Americas modern food culture is killing us. The upside? There is a lot that can be done!

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Fat Head - You've been fed a load of bologna

Comedian and health writer Tom Naughton replies to the "Super Size Me" crowd by losing weight on a fat-laden fast-food diet while demonstrating that nearly everything we've been told about obesity and healthy eating is wrong.

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First Do No Harm - A mother's plea, a Doctor's oath

Award-winning actress Meryl Streep delivers a powerful and uplifting performance in this story of one family's strength and courage in a time of extreme crisis. Plunged into emotional and financial hardship, a devoted mother (Streep), a hardworking father (Fred Ward -- CHAIN REACTION, CORKY ROMANO) and the rest of this close-knit family face a decision that will change their lives forever. As time and options begin to run out, they must find the courage to overcome incredible odds. Widely praised by critics -- you'll find this compelling story of determination and hope both entertaining and inspirational!

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That Sugar Film

In the vein of "Supersize Me", Damon Gameau becomes a human guinea-pig when he puts himself through a grueling 6 week diet consuming the equivalent of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day.

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THe Widowmaker

Four million Americans dead. And they need not be. The Widowmaker uncovers a chilling tale of greed, ego, and a conspiracy of silence around that most vulnerable of human organs - the heart.

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Cereal Killers

A documentary about one man's attempt to turn the food pyramid on its head. Donal O'Neill ditches wheat and sugar in a food plan consisting of 70% fat - under the guidance of legendary South African Sports Scientist Prof. Tim Noakes.

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Statin Nation: The Great Cholesterol Cover-up

Statin Nation reveals the medical corruption that has led to the mass over prescription of cholesterol medications (statins). The film explains how the facts about cholesterol and heart disease have, for decades, been distorted by pharmaceutical companies keen to increase their profits. Cholesterol-lowering has become a huge global industry, generating at least $29 billion each year.

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I am not a dietitian, nor a doctor. I do not support the people or companies that I mention on this website, and if you follow any thing on my website you are doing so on your own risk. I only want to tell my story and share my journey with anyone who is interested in healing, losing weight and feeling well. At the same time, I am not a writer either. I write from my heart and English is not my first language, so I ask that you forgive me if you find any grammar or writing errors. Continue reading

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