My opinion on fake foods

I call fake foods those foods that pretend to be something they are not. For example: Pretending eating tofu as meat (!?) or it is soy or it is meat.

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If for some reason you do not want or cannot eat certain foods, the best thing to do is to accept it. Wean yourself from the habits. When you crave something - stop and think - do I really want this or this is a habit that I have? Does it really worth the efforts, going shopping for the ingredients and preparing something that will find itself in the trash?

When testing various keto recipes that I saw on different websites - an ingredient that is often used is Psyllium husk - what can I say - it is so horrible!!! It gives the baked goods a chewy texture like gum. Can you eat a broccoli muffin that has a gummy texture? I cannot.

Yes. You must try new recipes and this diet is all about changing the old habits. But when you prepare a recipe and something doesn't taste right - make an effort to figure out what is it that you don't like and don't use that ingredient again.

Besides doing the ketogenic diet where there is a limitation in eating certain types of carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, cakes, cookies, etc., I am also lactose intolerant and cannot have dairy of any kind. Not even butter, cream, milk, cream cheese and all the good things... However I learned to accept it for years. I tried tons of recipes that pretend to be 'bread of zucchini' or 'broccoli muffins,' and such, but the texture and the flavor do not taste like the real thing and because of that - because it does not taste like the real thing I feel deprived, so I don't make them. 

I feel deprived when the flavor and texture is not there. So I don't play pretend with the food. It is what it is. If this is an eggplant casserole that is what it will be. I will not even try to name it differently just to make me feel better.

The same thing goes when using sweeteners. I do not use any kind of sweetener. Not even stevia, which is allowed in the ketogenic diet. Some people may say that they are used to have something sweet, well I find that I don't really need it. I like my coffee with coconut milk and coconut oil. The coconut milk has a light sweetness to it and it is nice. If I want something sweet, which is rare, I will have the frozen strawberry-coconut cream, and only maybe once a week.

Now that I am doing the ketogenic diet I am not hungry. I eat only one meal a day and there is a limit of how much I can eat on that meal, so I don't find the need to prepare extravagant recipes. Sometimes I go the extra mile and I prepare a chicken and eggplant casserole that is so good that after I am done eating I fantasize about the next time I will have another portion!



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