Keto After 50 - Slow Metabolism?

I cannot stop counting the many conditions that I had before I started keto. I was sure that they were part of getting older, part of menopause, and I accepted it. I did not even research them to see if I needed to do something about them or if actually something can be done!

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I accepted the fact that I gained weight. I tried to do Weight Watchers the old way and the new system with the points and stay low fat - even fat free and it did not work at all - I was always hungry and when I was not eating - I was thinking about food. I used to look in the mirror and not relate to the person I see. The clothes that I loved did not feel right and I had to change the style. I was looking at older women and I said to myself, well, they did not look like that when they were 17-20 so probably this is what will happen to my body as well. Slowly, I began to accept that my metabolism is slower now and if my mother was overweight it is probably in the genes… I work in an office and I felt guilty that I am sitting all day.  I had all kind of thoughts that came to me because I was reading  ‘those magazines’. However, nowhere I found a word about the Ketogenic Diet.

My sleep was the most horrible thing. I used to get up at night two or three times to the bathroom. And then, it was so difficult for me to fall back at sleep… My husband said that I used to snore and I moved a lot during my sleep. I could not control that!

My blood pressure was through the roof! It used to be, on ‘normal’ days, around 160/100. I was afraid to measure it – only seeing these numbers raised it higher!

And what can I say about heartburn! The worst ever. I was not able to eat without feeling horrible later. And it happened after eating anything – if I ate bread (which I baked myself – so that it would be healthier) or granola (also homemade). I also was always, but always tired. Even when I just woke up in the morning, I felt as if I just came from a long run. Even my heart was racing. It made me moody... And there were all kind of little malaise that I got used to live with, for example: bleeding from my gums when I brushed my teeth, psoriasis on my elbows and even constipation.

Memory? Ha! I used to go a room in the house to look for something and when I get there I asked myself - What am I doing here? I did not remember names of people and it scared me, but my father said – this is what happens when you get older, and again, I accepted it…

Ah! I forgot to mention, on 2011, I woke up one morning deaf from one ear – and it stayed like that. I went to see a doctor and he said that it was permanent. I became deaf from the left ear. This probably was a warning sign about the stroke that I was about to have 5 years later…

So I had the stroke, I did not plan it, I did not expect it, but it happened. I was diagnosed with hyperlipidemia.

After that, due to my research I began the ketogenic diet. What there is to say about all the above? Well, today my cholesterol test results are great – everything is normal. My sleep is amazing. I sleep about 8-9 hours a night without waking up at all! I do not snore and sometimes my husband touches me to make sure that I am alive! My blood pressure is 117/71 and I measure it just for fun! I do not have heartburn at all, never! I am not tired anymore and I am always full of energy, happy and smiling. The psoriasis is gone as well as the bleeding gums and the constipation. And my memory? My husband comes to ask me now about names and places… I do not have the brain fog anymore!

And about clothes – Man, today I wear size 4 and when I look in the mirror – this is the first time in my life that I love what I see!

A while back, we had a conversation with friends and the conversation was about what if we had to come back to life - at what time we would like to come back – everyone said when they were in their 20's,  in their college years, my answer was – I would like to come back to today. To know what I know today (slow metabolism – My Butt!). The ketogenic diet changed my life, changed my perspective on life, I know today that everything is possible.

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