Learn about the benefits of LCHF and the therapeutic benefits of a ketogenic diet.

Dr. Jeff Volek is a Full Professor in the Department of Human Sciences at The Ohio State University. A World-renowned expert in low carbohydrate research, Dr. Volek focuses on the clinical application of ketogenic diets, especially the management of insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes, as well as athletic performance and recovery.

Dr. Volek talks about how inflammatory markers get improved on ketogenic diets

His research aims to understand individual variability including how ketogenic diets alter fatty acid composition, lipoprotein metabolism, gut microbiome, gene expression, adaptations to training and overall metabolic health.

He has performed several prospective diet studies that demonstrate well formulated ketogenic diets result in substantial improvements in (if not complete reversal of) metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes. Dr. Volek has garnered over $7 million in research grants over the last 15 years, and accumulated an enormous amount of laboratory and clinical data as it pertains to biomarker discovery and formulation of personalized, effective and sustainable low carbohydrate diets. In addition to research, Dr. Volek has several initiatives aimed at translating low-carbohydrate science to the public including his role as Chief Scientist of KetoThrive Corp. He has also performed seminal work on dietary supplements including creatine, carnitine, and whey protein. He has been invited to lecture on his research more than 150 times at scientific and industry conferences in eight countries. His scholarly work includes 280 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and 5 books, including a New York Times Best Seller, collectively selling over 700 hundred thousand copies. [This review is taken from his page on Amazon.com]

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