The Healing Power of the Ketogenic Diet. Ketosis. Ketones.

Here I want to share my photos of before and after my stroke where the ketogenic diet, great willpower and motivation helped me heal fast.  I was overweight and I accepted it as part of growing older. The ketogenic diet taught me that it doesn't have to be that way, and one can change everything, from one's appearance to his/hers mental cognition.

I can!

The pictures below were taken in different times in my life, but quite recently. To tell the truth, looking back, I didn't know that I was so overweight. I thought I was healthy. I was following the SAD (Standard American Diet, funny, no?) and thought that I was doing all the right things. I can say that I was almost vegetarian. Maybe a piece of chicken here and there, but mostly, brown rice and legumes. I made my own granola (which I miss today, but it takes some sacrifice to be healthy), my own bread, my own jellies and cakes from scratch. My body was running on sugar.

Today, as you can see in the last picture, my body runs on fat. I am a fat burning machine. I learned that fat can heal me fast and it is good for me. The brain is made of fat and it is essential to eat fat. Consuming fat helped me with my fast healing. I follow the ketogenic diet, stay in ketosis all the time and do intermittent fasting every day of the week. On most of my days I eat one meal a day. I feel confortable with that because I am not hungry. I feel great! All the pain in my body, inflammation, heartburn, and skin problems - all gone! Today I can think straight and my memory is perfect!

Before Keto

When my body ran on sugar

After Keto

I have been in ketosis for a year