Buying New Clothes when following the Ketogenic Diet

I started following the ketogenic diet because I fell ill. I did not take into consideration one of the biggest and amazing side effects: I did not think that I am going to lose weight. I actually did not start this diet to lose weight, but in fact I did, and really – so fast! I lost 54 lbs. in less than 6 months and I did not get the chance to slowly adjust to the new me, to my new size.

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I like to dress nice, and I like to have nice clothes. Before Keto, I used to go to a store, take a few items with me to the dressing room. I tried them on to make sure that they fit and there I went to the register. Never spent too much time. It was a very quick process and I enjoyed it because I always had something new.

It is not like that anymore.

Slowly but surely, all the clothes that I had in my closet became too big for me. One day I decided to go over all my wardrobe and I had to throw out almost everything. I bought a new sewing machine and I repaired many items, but some were soo big that I just donated them – it was not worth the effort repairing them.

Then, I started shopping for new clothes. What a frustration! Every time! I spent hours in the store – take a bunch of clothes to the dressing room - which took me forever because I did not know what will fit, what is my size and what kind of style and so when I finally had all the stuff on the cart I went to the dressing room –  in the mirror I looked at myself and I looked horrible – no matter what I tried. A skirt, a blouse, a T-shirt – just horrible - nothing fits right - the colors, the size, skirts are too big, shirts are too wide. What a confusion! Every time I left the store empty handed and when I came home – there was nothing in the closet – everything is already gone.

I started thinking what happened here? What am I doing wrong?  Why nothing fits? I realized that I still had the mindset of a heavy woman and could not believe that I was that small. I was trying on clothes with the same style, colors and look like when I was heavy, but my body shrank. The weight loss was so quick that my mind did not have the time to adjust to my new size and I could not see myself thin.

It took me a few trips to the stores. I wasn’t used to my new me. All of a sudden I am wearing size 6 or 4 instead of the huge 16-18???

ketogenic-diet, keto, diet, lose weight, new clothes, heal fast, lose weight fast

It is not easy to comprehend – when all your life you are used to shop for a certain style – to cover the belly, the butt, the arms and so on and so on… and all of a sudden – everything can be exposed! I can wear tight clothes, clothes that flatter the body, sleeveless tank tops and so many new options – and the colors! I do not have to wear black anymore! I used to check the isles of heavy women and now I choose from the girls section! Of course I take clothes that are appropriate to my age, but still... what a change!!!

When I look at my old photos I looked old… I never looked fresh, sexy and happy…

I have learned a new rule: When I buy something I have to make sure that it is young, modern and sexy! And it applies to anything, to shoes, skirts, blouses, pants and even hats. It is not easy to leave the old me behind, but THAT woman is not here anymore…

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